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Firstly thank you for logging onto my website.

I am Rob Starr, an author living in Brighton.

Reading is such an important part of my life that I found myself wishing I could be on both sides of the equation – both a reader and a writer.  So here I am, now in my fifties and making that wish come true.  They say we all have a book in us, so this is me proving to myself (and hopefully to you) that one book is not enough.

I hope you enjoy my books and if you feel able to then please reach out to me and let me know what you think.  I sincerely love feedback.

Thanks and speak to you soon I hope.


My debut novel

What The Tide Brings Back

Jesse is drawn to the sea off Brighton Beach. Having newly joined a local sea swimming club he has at last found a way to clear his head from the nightmares that have terrorised him since birth. But what Jesse doesn’t see, what lies beneath him as he swims around …

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From Starr to Starrfish

A Non-Swimmer's Quest to Swim the English Channel

Having never swum in the sea before and being an amateur swimmer at best, at the age of 40 and suffering from three debilitating conditions, Rob Starr decided that he was going to swim the English Channel. The point of it was to raise money for the Edward Starr Charitable …

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"From the moment I read the first page could not put it down. I was so hooked to the story that I found myself talking about it to my teenager children on the way to school; I noticed the tone of my voice was excited as I could see everything in my mind as if it was a film. I really enjoyed this book. A great read and story that makes you Wonder"

Emma, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Latest Updates

Brighton Palace Pier

Posted on 19th April, 2022

Brighton Palace Pier during sunrise.  Isn’t it glorious!

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Me after a morning swim

Posted on 23rd March, 2022

Every morning around 6.30am, winter through to summer and back, you can find me by the Brighton Palace Pier having a swim.  In the winter it is all about the …

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The West Pier

Posted on 23rd March, 2022

The Brighton West Pier. I remember as a child walking on the West Pier and taking rides on the merry go rounds and putting coins in the penny slots.  I …

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I am also the Chair of the Starr Trust, a charity set up to Remove Roadblocks for Young People to help them succeed and thrive in whatever they put their minds to.

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