Author of What The Tide Brings Back


I am Rob Starr, a fifty something wanna be – definitely a master of not much, but a tryer at many things.

I live in the wonderful City of Brighton & Hove, and have done all my life.  I see no reason why I would ever want to leave this amazing place (apart from holidays of course).  My beautiful wife Sharon and I have three amazing children – our son Asher and our Twins Mia & Jesse – all of who appear (by name only) as characters in my books.

My main job thus far has been in the Insurance & Mortgage world where I set up my company SEICO Insurance & Mortgages from the end of my bed back in 1991.  Since then I have not only managed to stay in business for over 30 years (not an easy feat!) but I have offices in Brighton, London, (and randomly) South Africa.  After 30 years I still love my job, so I see no end to this journey (I hope).

Back in 2008, after losing my father to cancer, I set up a charity in his honour.  My business covers all the running costs of the charity and as such my small team raise what we can from local events and give it away as grants to Young People who simply need a chance to be the best that they can be and need someone to believe in them.  So far we have raised and given away over a Million Pounds to over 4000 young people.  I am Chairman and the lead at the charity and would love you to take a look and see the amazing work we do

Away from my day job, when I do not have my nose in a book, I write.  Back in my youth when I thought I could take over the world I considered myself a writer about to make it big – these things clearly take longer than I thought!  I co-wrote two full length musicals, one of them staged multiple times.  I wrote two plays, both staged. Then the three kids came along and my writing career stalled.  But the dream never did.  So now, with the children growing up I have found the time to write again.  This time I am writing Thrillers.  Fast paced, Twists and Turns and all (I hope) in interesting and cool settings.  I am loving this change of direction in my writing and hope you like it as well.  I see no reason why I can’t be successful at something new in the next part of my life.  I guess it will be You who decides if I am good enough to keep doing this.

Finally, yes there is more, away from SEICO, STARR TRUST AND WRITING, I am super active.  I love a challenge!  In 2012 I swam the English Channel.  In 2013 I cycled up Le Mont Ventoux.  Between 2014-2020 I did 21 Olympic Triathlons.  In 2021 I completed two half Ironman Triathlons as well as my first full Ironman.  And in 2022 (as I write this) I am completing my 52×52 Challenge.  This is 52 Olympic Triathlons in 52 consecutive weeks.  I keep a weekly blog and am raising money for the Starr Trust, so please do have a look, make a sponsorship and cheer me on×52-challenge

I would love to hear from you to let me know what you think about my writing, or the charity or my crazy physical challenges.