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I have co-written two Musicals with talented friends of mine Rob & Jasper.  The first was back in 1996 and was a one act Musical called The Promised Land.  It was only performed the once, In Brighton, but over twenty five years later we still have people telling us how good it was. A script and CD are available upon request, but I fear it may be slightly outdated by now.

The second musical we wrote together was completed back in 2000 and was called “Remember Remember“.  The subject of course is Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  It is a full two act musical and showcased on London in 2001 and has been performed many times since then.  The CD has been sold around the world and I have to say that every time I listen to it (which is not often I am afraid) I wonder how something so good could not have been on in both Londons West End and in Broadway. Honestly even if I say so myself it is a remarkable piece of work.

The music for Remember Remember is still available on Amazon under –

Remember! Remember! Original Studio Recording

You can also listen to it on Spotify:

A script and CD are available on request.

I have written a number of Plays, of which two were staged in Brighton back in 2008 & 2010.  Both are Murder Mystery comedies and performed to packed out theatres.  Scripts for both are downloadable below:


The Harlem Shuffle


The Harlem Shuffle;- a beautiful and deadly choreographed dance where only the choreographer knows how to put all the moves together and where each move is dependent on the one before and the one to follow.

So what really is the Harlem Shuffle then?  The best way to describe it is as the ultimate con, one that is planned over many years and executed to perfection.  And what better place to have a Harlem Shuffle than in the world of Amateur Theatre; a world so unlike any other.

“Set backstage at the latest production of the local amateur dramatic society all is in place for a fantastic new show.  That is until the writer clashes with the director and the stage manager clashes with the writer and everyone clashes with the Hollywood star who just happens to be the last minute replacement for an injured cast member.

What starts out as just another show by the local amateur dramatic society soon turns into something else; possibly the greatest Harlem Shuffle yet”

Performances or readings of this play may not legally take place before an audience without a licence obtainable on application. Contact me to discusss your requirements and performance fees.

Always Have Always Will


GEORGIA has decided to spend New Years Eve at her fiancés newly inherited French Villa.  She has invited all their close friends over for the weekend for a Murder Mystery party, although things do not quite go as planned.

The night has been carefully thought out and all GEORGIA needs is for CHARLIE to behave himself, for MIRIAM not to take over, for FRANK to keep his hands off her bottom and for SARAH to let her dead mum rest in peace.

The evening starts with the opening of the Murder Mystery box game she has purchased – “Murder in Shanghai.”  Everyone having eventually arrived and in full costume and having been presented with a fantastic Chinese meal it is time to start the game.  Each person is given a character to play and a set of rules to follow.  GEORGIA can’t believe how fantastic this night is going to be, that is if CHARLIE would put down the prawn balls and take it a little more seriously!  As expected MIRIAM takes control and starts the game off.  Each person introduces themselves in character, and the task of finding the murderer is about to begin.  That is until one of them actually dies, or should I say ‘is murdered’!  This certainly wasn’t in the rules that the box promised!

Stuck in a French Villa miles from the nearest neighbour, in the middle of New Years Eve and with one of their best friends murdered, the group take the decision to carry on with the game.  Only this time as themselves.  The only rule being that every question asked has to be answered truthfully.

They now have until New Years day to discover which one of them is the killer; otherwise they could all be for the chop!


Performances or readings of this play may not legally take place before an audience without a licence obtainable on application. Contact me to discusss your requirements and performance fees.