Author of What The Tide Brings Back

My debut novel

What The Tide Brings Back

Jesse is drawn to the sea off Brighton Beach.

Having newly joined a local sea swimming club he has at last found a way to clear his head from the nightmares that have terrorised him since birth. But what Jesse doesn’t see, what lies beneath him as he swims around the Brighton Palace Pier each morning, is a mystery from the past that will once again come to the surface with deadly consequences.

Lilly Baker died in 1834 during a terrible storm that ravaged the old Brighton Chain Pier and sent it crashing into a raging sea. But Lilly’s need for revenge was too strong to die with her and has haunted the Brighton Sea Swimming Club for nearly two hundred years.

Lilly won’t rest until everyone pays the ultimate price for her loss. Jesse can’t rest until the terrible nightmares stop haunting him.

Formats Available:
Paperback, Ebook

First Published:

Austin Macauley Publishers


Really intriguing tale

I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed. An extremely unusual story, well told. Once I had started to read it, I could not put it down. Now waiting for the sequel!

Amazon reader review, 5 stars

If you enjoy psychological/spooky thrillers, this is the book for you!

I had the privilege of being invited to read the first draft of this book a couple of years ago and was asked, by the author, if it was ok to include me in it. Of course I said yes but, even if my name wasn’t there I would still love What the Tide Brings Back.

The story is centred around Jesse, a young man who is reluctant to use, or develop his psychic gift and tells the tale of Lilly, a young woman who suffered greatly at the hands of others and who died in 1834 when a terrific storm sent the old chain pier in Brighton, crashing into the sea.

Such is her need for revenge, she is back, wanting to destroy the lives of those whose family she blames. Only Jesse can stop her but she is out to stop Jesse too.

A fantastic book that I just couldn’t put down and I love the little bits of history of Brighton that are interwoven into the story too.

Amazon reader review, 5 stars

I couldn’t put it down! I was hooked to the story and the description of the events

From the moment I read the first page could not put it down. I was so hooked to the story that I found myself talking about it to my teenagers children on the way to school; I noticed the tone of my voice was excited as I could see everything in my mind as if it was a film. I really enjoyed this book. A great read and story that makes you wonder.

Amazon reader review, 5 stars